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Miracle Anti-Age Serum 30ml

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4Carrot oil & Macadamia oils, essential oils of True Lavender (calm), Chamomile (rejuvenate), Cardamom (restore), Helicrysum (stymulate circulation) & Cistus (smooth out rinkles).

A nourishing and regenerating complex, antioxidant, anti-puff, helps blood circulation.

Apply before day cream or evening like a serum, especially around mouth and eyes.

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1 review for Miracle Anti-Age Serum 30ml

  1. 1 out of 5


    ‘Miracle Anti-Age Serum’is what the name says. It is really a miracle serum!
    On the 4th day after using this product, I met a lady friend who asked me what I was doing to look so good and young. She said my face was so bright, wrinkle free and young looking. I really didn’t put it first hand to the Serum, as I forgot about it, but after one week of usage, I met a man friend this time and he asked me nearly the same thing, what am I doing to stay so young? He said there was something about my face? At the time I again did not think about the Serum. It was later in the evening when I realized that it has to be the Miracle Serum that was doing it all.

    Thank you Coralie for such a wonderful product. Ladies in your mid forties on-wards, No face lifts, unless you want to have one. This stuff works wonders!! You just need a few drops under the eyes and the face, in minutes you see the wrinkles disappear and your face around the mouth area lift up!

    It works wonders as well for the neck and hands, if your hands look tired and wrinkled, in minutes there is a vast difference.

    Girls, I swear by this product. Honestly, I’ve used other products, but nothing close to this!!!

    Go get yourselves some, the price is good too. We going to have some 40’s and 50’s and why not 60’s ladies walking young on the island soon with this product.

    Thank you Coralie once again for your wonderful product. Been looking for something like this for a long time where there are no needles, just plain natural ingredients.

    Now that I’ve used the Miracle Anti-Age Serum, I am more than convinced that all other Yi-King products are equally good!

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