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Organic Seychelles Coconut Oil 125ml


Product Description

Pure Seychelles Coconut oil, leave no oily sensation.

Body, Hair, Bath, Massage & Cooking oil, Grown & Cold pressed by hand in Seychelles

All-round nourishing, reparing and regulating, for skin and hair.

This range of neutral products can be personalized with blendsĀ of essential oils Yi*King.

This wondrous benefits of virgin coconut oil, This precious is made in a traditional way, cold pressed by hand and non-hydrogenerated in order to maintain all its healing and nutritious properties. Coconut oil’s melting point is 25 C/77 F. If turned solid, gently heat over radiator or in a water bath. This will not alter properties.

Use Cosmetic for hair and body, as bath oil, hair mask, body care. Heals minor scratches, burns 7 rash.

Food replace culinary oil, intestinal flora balance. General health, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-ulcer & brain-boosting…

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