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Organic Seychelles Coconut Oil 250ml


Product Description

Pure Organic Seychelles Coconut oil is a true treasure from the islands…

Hair and skin will absorb just what is needed, leaving no oily sensation. Works wonders against cellulite.

Can be mixed with your favorite essential oils for body use, as bath oil or hair mask.

This range of neutral products can be personalized with blends of essential oils Yi*King.

This wondrous benefits of virgin coconut oil, This precious is made in a traditional way, cold pressed by hand and non-hydrogenerated in order to maintain all its healing and nutritious properties. Coconut oil’s melting point is 25 C/77 F. If turned solid, gently heat over radiator or in a water bath. This will not alter properties.

Use Cosmetic for hair and body, as bath oil, hair mask, body care. Heals minor scratches, burns 7 rash.

Food replace culinary oil, intestinal flora balance. General health, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-ulcer & brain-boosting…

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